Why work with us

✓ Safety Culture at every stage of project

✓ With our unique customised service and solutions, we help uninterrupted production and maintaining cash flow to the business

✓ For owners – increase efficiency and revenue of the plant or facility by

  • process improvement/optimization
  • ensuring process and mechanical safety
  • regular fitness for service review to avoid unplanned shutdowns and production losses

✓ We ensure compliance to Australian safety and statutory regulations

✓ Optimally engineered and clearly defined options, costing and suggestions for making investment decisions on new engineering projects, expansions or modifications of existing installations

✓ Exact requirement of real estate and materials; appropriate equipment for easy and efficient operation of plants

✓ Reliability and asset integrity engineering support for maximum value return from installed plants

✓ Smooth interface and minimum disruption with your existing facility for brownfield projects

✓ Dependable engineering service provider to deliver your project successfully within budget and schedule.

✓ We provide maximum value for your money through efficient project delivery

✓ We are known to turnaround projects with a quick response time

✓ International experience

✓ Best Industry practices including thorough code knowledge