Third Party Validation

3rd party review is an area of expertise Sustech Engineering has built up credibility in. There are usually two main reasons such reviews occur. One, it is required by regulations and acts; two, as equally important, a business wants an independent, objective source to evaluate their projects from a fresh perspective.

Oftentimes in a long-span project, many parties are involved at various stages and times of the project lifespan. Circumstances change, people change, requirements change. So how do we ensure consistency has been achieved and it is built fit for purpose and will operate safely?

That’s when we come in and do independent technical reviews of project documents and records. As qualified engineers, we recognise the need to get things done right from the start and the importance of having someone with the in-depth technical expertise to ensure this happens. We aren’t there to point out mistakes –we ourselves have gone through mistakes and learnt from them. With a collective 200 years of experience and personalised service, we work with your business to ensure that the integrity of your process and equipment is maintained and retained throughout its design life, thus helping to reduce operating and maintenance costs for the business in future.

We Put Our Clients First.

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