SUSTECH ENGINEERING PTY LTD is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering and project management company providing engineering and technical services of highest professional standard to the industry since 2013 with a strong focus on safety, sustainability, innovation, timely delivery. We use our knowledge to create longer lasting value through experienced professional service and efficient risk management. 

SUSTECH ENGINEERING proudly presents HOURGLAZ, an Enterprise Resource Planning and Management Software.

  Hourglaz is a software solution & innovation born out of necessity to improve and sustain the flow of business in engineering consultancy & project management.

  It offers a smooth operating platform by integrating:

  • consultancy
  • project management
  • business management – day-to-day running, analytics & forecast 

  Hourglaz has helped Sustech run its business and project management with high efficiency.

  Sustech is keen to share its success with similar businesses to build their capability of running in an Integrated and Systematic style. 


Hourglaz – business made smoother



Hourglaz is an application designed to streamline management and operations. If you have employees, projects, and clients, Hourglaz is dedicated to making your day easier. 

Instead of having to maintain separate software interfaces and use different tools for each individual administrator, within the same company, Hourglaz brings them all into one system, and enables seamless communication between managers, administrators, and employees in an instant. 

Hourglaz has been designed to be modular. Each package is designed to function independently, but each module connects to, and informs each other module – increasing the features, functions, and effectiveness of the application. 

The available modules are:

  Business Development

  Project Management

  Human Resources




  Quotes & Estimates


Invoices & Accounts

  Analytics for the Top Management to help make business decisions.       


Hourglaz – feel the pulse



  • Databasing
  • Data acquisition
  • Feature design from business case analysis
  • WebApp integration
  • Back end development (MySQL, PHP)


Hourglaz – flexible solutions




Sustech – Hourglaz (PowerPoint. 1.8MB download)

Let’s Talk & Organise the way it suits your Business


Sustech Capability Statement – Hourglaz

(PDF.  430KB download)


Hourglaz – eager & capable

We are always interested in adding highly skilled and capable individuals with a drive for growth to our team here at Sustech.

If you think you can be a good addition to our organisation, we want to hear from you. The specialist skills required are in the area of:

  • JS/HTML developers
  • PHP/Laravel developer

Please contact our HR team on 618 61618180 to have an informal chat. Alternatively, email:  with some details and one of our team members will get in touch with you.


Sustech – future-minded