Special Services

Niche Engineering

–          Stress analysis of high temperature, high pressure, and cryogenic piping

–          Stress analysis of pipelines and facilities.

–          Providing design review in different stages of the project to ensure project goal is achieved and quality is maintained.

–          Technical troubleshooting and providing engineering solutions and services for pipelines, piping systems and static equipment to operating companies, with due focus on safety, production process and environment

–          Technical study/ review of new or existing process and installations

–          Finite Element Analysis of small and large equipment and structures

–          Material Selection study

–          Energy efficiency audit and solutions

–          Solar Power Generation Engineering

Independent Third Party Verification/ Validation/ and Code Compliance Audit

–          Design and MDR verification of pipelines as per AS 2885.1, AS2885.2, AS2885.5

–          Design and MDR verification of power and process piping as per ASME B31.1, 31.3, AS 4041

–          Verification of pipeline relifing study as per AS 2885.3

–          Design and MDR verification of pressure vessels as per AS 1210

–          Design and MDR verification of atmospheric storage tanks as per API 650

–          Technical and code compliance audits of oil and gas, mining, power installations related to piping, mechanical static equipment and civil structural of process plants to ASME and AS

Other Specials

–          Secondment of capable engineers to suit your short and long term needs of Engineering management, design review, installation review

–          Technical Training

–          Translation of Engineering documents from Bengali, Hindi, Mandarin, French, Italian and German to English

–          Interpretation of Chinese Standards (GB) and checking suitability  with  Australian Standards