–          Pipeline Design Engineering and Analysis to AS 2885, EN 13480, ISO 14692

–          Piping Engineering and Analysis to AS 4041, ASME B31.1, B31.3

–          Plant Design and 2D and 3D Layout

–          Pressure Vessels Design Engineering and Analysis

–          Tank Design Engineering and Analysis

–          Jack up, FPSO and fixed leg offshore equipment and facilities engineering

–          Design and specification of process equipment packages

–          Design and specification of rotating machinery package

–          Orifice flow measurement  using Crane and AGA 3 methods

–          Engineering for rolling contact stress, coil springs, transmission shafts, triaxial stress states, water hammer, piping blinds and spades, flange  pressure vs temperature rating, flange bolting by torque, pipeline MAOP, start air receiver sizing, centre of gravity, clevis, padeye, skid lifting, sea fastening, plate stress, explosion vents

–          Heat transfer model for pipe with conductive, convective and radiant modes

–          Heat transfer through flat and tubular plates calculation

–          Bulk Material Handling Engineering

–          Port material handling system, washery plant, mine conveyors, dry mineral processing plant including crushing and screenings, coal handling system in power plant

–          Calculation of belt capacity, belt tension, motor power, starting, stopping time, drive selection and mechanical, component design

–          Selection, sizing and package engineering of crusher, screens, feeder, stacker, reclaimer, ship loader, bins, train loading unit, car dumper, track  hopper, cyclone, water treatment plant, belt feeder, apron feeder, coal sampler, magnetic separator, belt weigher, metal detector, tripper, bucket elevator, cyclone, water treatment system, sumps, dust extraction system, ventilation system, compressor, pumps

–           Troubleshooting of conveyor

–           Pumping System

–           Selection of hydraulic systems for mining equipment applications

–           Analysis of custom made mining process, operations and  maintenance equipment per AS3990

Oil & Gas

–          Fuel transportation, storage and distribution system design

–          Gas gathering, processing, transmission, laterals, metering, pressure reduction and distribution system design

–          Single phase liquid and gas pipe flow simulation

–          Single and multi-phase line sizing

–          Gas pipeline flow and thermal modeling

–          Centrifugal gas compressor modeling

–          Centrifugal pump modeling

–          Gas expander/compressor simulation

–          LPG Straddle plant pipeline shrinkage model

–          Vertical gas scrubber sizing

–          Multi component gas mixture thermodynamic and transport properties

–          Engineering for compressible orifice flows at high dP

–          Calculations for sizing of PSVs to AS, ASME and API

–          Facility and pipeline blowdown thermodynamics

–          Gas storage reservoir modeling

Power Generation

–          Combined cycle power systems

–          Open cycle power systems

–          Steam cycle power systems

–          Power Block

–          Balance of Plant


–          Steam, Air, Water, lube oil, and other utility system design


–         Slurry system and other non-Newtonian fluid system

–         Washery and waste water treatment system

–         Safety Shower System

–         Dust Suppression system

–         Fluid system in Mineral Processing

–         Hydrogen, Ammonia, Syngas, different liquor system

–         Fuel Management System

–          Analysis and design of various power/process  plant buildings and utility buildings like workshop, warehouse and storage shed

–          Design of foundations including reactors, equipment and tank farm

–          Analysis and design of plant structures, technological platforms, pipe racks & supports

–          Modularisation studies

–          Development of 3D Models

–          Development of specification and work packs

–          Design of substation including transformer bunds, fire walls and switchyard structures

–          Design of retaining walls, water tanks and pits

–          Design of conveyor supporting structures, transfer stations and drive stations

–          Design and analysis of structures supporting mining equipment and platforms

–          Hazardous area  equipment design and selection

–          Power generation open & combined cycle plants design

–          Substations design

–          Transmission and distribution network planning

–          Mining, mineral resources and heavy industrial plant design

–          Solar Power Generation Engineering


–          Facilitation of Risk assessment, HAZID, HAZOP workshops

–          Hazardous area  classification

–          Process safety assessment

–          Mechanical Installation safety assessment

–          Thermal desorption plant design for remediation of toxic and waste products

–          Delivering with most contracting options i.e. PMC, EPCM, Lump-Sum Turnkey, Alliance, Risk Reward, Reimbursable, Cost + Fee, BOOT.

–          Coordinate with technology partners to develop conceptual design

–          Develop basis of design

–          Project cost estimate

–          Define and create scope of works

–          Managing FEED and detail engineering

–          Conduct design review and constructability review

–          Review of modularisation

–          Procurement support

–          Conduct bidding process

–          Vendor evaluation

–          Vendor selection

–          Review of inspection and test plan

–          Review of factory acceptance testing for equipment

–          Managing logistics; Organising permits and approvals

–          Manage construction contractor

–          Manage commissioning

–          Project Monitoring

–          Project Reporting as per CTR,  showing Status, Earned Value, Gantt Chart, Resource Scheduling, Task Scheduling, Timesheet

–          Project handover

–          Engineering support for construction and commissioning

–          Assessment of  WPS/WQR as per ASME Section IX, AS 2885.2, B31.1, B31.3

–          Review of Manufacturing Data Report (MDR)

–          Development of Commissioning Plan

–          Lift study review

–          Inspection and recommending repair of atmospheric storage tanks as per API 653

–          Onsite assessment of brownfield structures and modifications.

–          Development of maintenance strategies and plan for plant and equipment

–          Estimation of residual life of atmospheric storage tanks

–          Structural integrity study

–          Piping health study