We consult and execute project management and engineering for small to medium green field and all brown field or shutdown projects. 

Sustech has successfully executed several engineering projects and has taken up various roles in projects such as Owners Engineer, Lender’s Engineer or Concept-FEED-Detail Engineer throughout the Oil & Gas sector and Process Plant sector. We have been involved in other fields fertilisers, water, renewables, mineral processing, power and mining. We stand as your partner at any stage of the project and will assist you throughout the project cycle with feasibility-conception, engineering-execution, operationmaintenance, integrityasset management. We take pride in being one of the third-party validation reviewers of gas pipelines for major operators in Australia. 

We have provided solutions for technical problems to operating plants and have conducted root cause analysis to find solutions. Alongside the general engineering, Sustech also provides niche services such as Pipe Stress Analysis, Pipeline and Vessel designs, Tanks, FEA, FRP piping, Structural Analysis, Process simulation-optimisation amongst various other studies.

We regularly take up EPCM roles for small to medium sized projects and can take up design and construction (DNC) packages that require specialised engineering knowledge and attention. 


✓ Troubleshooting – Providing expertly analysed, custom-made engineering solution and services for process operations. We put full focus on safety, production process and environment to name a few.  

✓ Debottlenecking – Our productivity enhancement/changing process parameters for bringing out the maximum value out of the assets means that we improve your bottom line 

✓ Pipeline Design, MDR and relifing study as per AS 2885  

✓ Design and MDR verification of power and process piping as per ASME B31.1, 31.3, AS 4041 

✓ Design and MDR verification of pressure vessels as per AS 1210 / ASME Sec VIII 

✓ Design and MDR verification of boiler parts as per AS 1228 

✓ Design and MDR verification of storage tanks as per API 650, AS1940, AS1692, API 620 

✓ Due diligence study and other technical studies/ review of new or existing process and installations  

✓ Forensic Engineering, Litigation Support providing independent expert technical point of view 

✓ Regulatory technical and code compliance audits of oil and gas, chemicals, mining, power, water installations related to piping, mechanical static equipment and civil structural of process plants to ASME, ASCE and AS 

✓ Upstream and downstream gas processing design review 

✓ Process safety, loss prevention and mechanical integrity review 

✓ FLNG topside mechanical, piping, process, structure design review  

✓ Type B appliance modification regulatory gas inspection and approval management 

✓ Gas Distribution network technical safety compliance audit 

✓ Providing design review in different stages of the project to ensure project goal is achieved and quality is maintained. 

✓ Pipe stress analysis of high temperature, high pressure and cryogenic piping from power plants to LNG plants; stress analysis of jetty piping, loading arms, gas plant facilities & pipelines (A/G, U/G); onshore, offshore steel and GRE pipelines and facilities to ASME B31.3, B31.4, AS 4041 in Caesar II or Autopipe 

✓ GRE Piping engineering and FRP pipe stress analysis. 

✓ Finite Element Analysis of equipment, structures and components by e.g. Nozzle Pro, Solidworks 

✓ Static Equipment Analysis 

✓ Structural Analysis 

✓ Providing engineering solution and services for process plants to operating companies, with due focus on safety, production process and environment 

✓ Root cause analysis and providing properly FEA analysed engineering custom-made solution for piping, equipment, tanks, pipelines suffering from loss of integrity to operating companies, with due focus on safety, to stop catastrophe, reduce unplanned shutdown time and stoppage of production and bleeding revenue 

✓ Asset Integrity, API 579, AS3788 Fitness for Service engineering and study and residual life assessment of pipelines and process plant to plan piping and equipment refurbishment/ replacement Purpose designed temporary structures for maintenance and construction 

✓ Productivity enhancement/ changing process parameters to get maximum value out of the assets 

✓ Material Selection study 

✓ Safety and risk assessment 

✓ Pipeline Integrity 

✓ Procurement support, construction support, commissioning support. 

✓ Secondment of capable engineers and project managers to suit the short and longterm needs of Engineering and project management, design review, installation review or even discipline engineers developing the design at the client premises 

✓ EPCM of odor-free, sludge-free Modular Sewage treatment plant from 5 cu.m up to 700 cu.m/day 

✓ Condition Monitoring 

Oil & Gas

✓ Gas gathering, processing, transmission, laterals, metering, pressure reduction and distribution system design

✓ Fuel transportation, storage and distribution system design

✓ Design and specification of process equipment package

✓ Single phase liquid and gas pipe flow simulation

✓ Single and multi-phase line sizing

✓ Gas pipeline flow and thermal modeling

✓ Centrifugal gas compressor modeling

✓ Centrifugal pump modeling

✓ Gas expander/compressor simulation

✓ LPG Straddle plant pipeline shrinkage model

✓ Vertical gas scrubber sizing

✓ Heat transfer modeling and piping design

✓ Multi component gas mixture thermodynamic and transport properties

✓ Engineering for compressible orifice flows at high dP

✓ Calculations for sizing of PSVs to AS, ASME and API

✓ Facility and pipeline blowdown thermodynamics

✓ Gas storage reservoir modeling

✓ PSV/PRV/TRV calculation and selection

Power Generation

✓ Combined cycle power systems [gas and steam cycle]

✓ Gas / diesel engine driven/ solar power plants

✓ Power Block

✓ Balance of Plant

✓ Cooling water systems and Cooling Tower

✓ Seawater intake pumping transport and desalination

✓ Mercury

✓ Process Engineering

✓ Technology review and innovation

✓ Relief Study

✓ Metallurgical study and Inspection

✓ Design of vacuum vessels, heat exchangers, adsorption towers and other process equipment

✓ Design of plant automation and controls

✓ Process safety & ALARP Compliance

✓ Troubleshooting & Development of fit-for-purpose short term and long-term solutions

✓ HAZOP Study & Close-out

✓ SoW upgrades and action item execution

✓ Operational, maintenance and asset management procedures development

✓ Optimisation upgrades

  • Electrical Heat Tracing
  • Modification of control mechanisms


Green Hydrogen

✓ Feasibility and Option Studies

✓ Technology selection and integration

✓ Technology and process development

✓ Project development

✓ Investment advising and financial modelling


✓ Operating with associates



✓ Steam, Air, Water, lube oil, and other utility system design

✓ Water and Air distribution system review and modification design

✓ Pipeline Design Engineering and Analysis of Natural Gas & Liquid hydrocarbon to AS 2885, EN 13480, ISO 14692; ASME 31, 31.8

✓ Water Pipeline

✓ Ammonia, Hydrogen, syn gas, carbon dioxide and other utility pipelines

✓ Slurry pipeline

✓ Jetty pipeline design

✓ Consumer requirement determination, pipeline route selection, location classification and provision for high consequence area, isolation, system design, gas processing plant, gas compressor stations, scrapper station, laterals, custody transfer metering station, pressure reduction station

✓ Thickness calculation for line pipes and other piping components

✓ MAOP determination and update, fracture control, energy discharge, penetration, road/ rail crossing, buoyancy calculation

✓ Building Piping, Valves, specialty items specification and rationalisation, performing low temperature calculations

✓ Selection of ultrasonic flow meter, turbine meters

✓ Gas network design and route selection in existing residential areas or new developments, Design of city gate station, field regulating station, low pressure distribution

✓ Pipe Stress Analysis of all pipes of all temperatures and pressures, onshore, offshore and FPSO

✓ Piping Engineering and Analysis to AS 4041, ASME B31.1, B31.3;

✓ Pressure Vessels Design Engineering and Analysis;

✓ Tank Design Engineering and Analysis;

✓ Finite Element Analysis FEA of pressure equipment and components

✓ FEA analysis of special purpose clamps with sealing arrangement for leaked steam pipes for online fix without shutdown

✓ Plant Design of facilities in 2D and 3D modelling with smart models ensuring interference free, easy operable and maintainable piping layout

✓ Produce piping GA, fabrication isometric, vessel drawings, support drawings, calculations, MTOs, conduct model reviews and implementing project requirements

✓ Design and specification of process equipment packages

✓ Fuel tank farm design to AS1940 and tanks to API653 and remediation to API653

✓ Double skinned self-containing tanks for combustible and hazardous fluids as per AS1692 and UL142

✓ Design and specification of rotating machinery package

✓ Wellhead skid piping design

✓ FRP piping design and pipe stress analysis

✓ Brownfield piping design of Nitrogen, Fire Water, Sulphuric acid, wastewater, cooling water

✓ Reformer (furnace) tube coils review and connected external steam and hot air piping and support analysis and trouble shooting

✓ Turbine tripping solution, exhaust piping stress and support analysis

✓ Residual life assessment of gas heaters using API579

✓ Synthesis gas start up heater analysis, spring selection, operation start up methodology development and troubleshooting

✓ Hydraulic cylinder mounting bolt failure analysis

✓ Orifice flow measurement using Crane and AGA 3 methods

✓ Engineering for rolling contact stress, coil springs, transmission shafts, triaxial stress states, water hammer, piping blinds and spades, flange pressure v. temperature rating, flange bolting by torque, start air receiver sizing, centre of gravity, clevis, padeye, skid lifting, sea fastening, plate stress, explosion vents

✓ Heat transfer model for pipe with conductive, convective and radiant modes

✓ Heat transfer through flat and tubular plates calculation

✓ Bulk Material Handling Engineering; Jack up, FPSO and fixed leg offshore equipment and facilities engineering

✓ Design & analysis of structures and engineering as per AS4100 and AS3600 support in SpaceGass and STAAD PRO

✓ Analysis and design of various power/process plant buildings and utility buildings like workshop, warehouse and storage shed

✓ Structural Integrity Assessment and management systems implementation

✓ Design of jetty and marine structures

✓ Offshore skid design

✓ Design of foundations including reactors, equipment and tank farm

✓ Analysis and design of plant structures, technological platforms, pipe racks & supports

✓ Design of shiploaders

✓ Designing offshore wellhead skid design

✓ Design of thrust blocks and anchor blocks, virtual anchor calculation

✓ Rail anchor bolt and foundation concrete assessment

✓ Modularisation studies, Lift studies

✓ Communications and transmission towers design

✓ Temporary structures

✓ Development of 3D Models

✓ Development of specification and work packs

✓ Design of substation including transformer bunds, fire walls and switchyard structures

✓ Design of retaining walls, water tanks and pits

✓ Designing guard wall

✓ Hazardous area equipment design and selection

✓ Power generation open & combined cycle plants design

✓ Substation’s design

✓ Transmission and distribution network planning and design

✓ Process Instrumentation selection

✓ Control & Communication Architecture

✓ PLC I/O listing & component selection

✓ Detail design of circuits and connections for HV, MV and LV switchgear

✓ Detail cable routing underground and aboveground

✓ Detail earthing layouts and calculations

✓ Lightning protection calculation and designs

✓ Substation layouts and civil interfacing

✓ Building power and earthing requirements

✓ Plant Lighting and small power detail layouts and design

✓ Communications network design

✓ Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) role for the owner

✓ Business case development, scope development and management within budget and schedule for brownfield modification projects for owners

✓ Assessing Vendor and package management for owners

✓ Managing engineering projects for Consultants and EPC contractors

✓ Construction support

✓ Commissioning support

✓ Fitness for Service to API 579

✓ Piping and pipeline reliability-integrity engineering health study including steam piping

✓ Estimation of residual life of atmospheric storage tanks

✓ Structural integrity study

✓ Condition monitoring

✓ Development of maintenance strategies and plan for plant and equipment

✓ Process safety assessment

✓ Mechanical Installation safety assessment

✓ Pipeline safety and risk assessment

✓ Hazardous area classification

✓ Facilitation of Risk assessment, HAZID, HAZOP workshops

✓ Engineering support for construction and commissioning

✓ Review of Manufacturing Data Report (MDR)

✓ Assessment of WPS/WQR as per ASME Section IX, AS 2885.2, B31.1, B31.3

✓ Development of Commissioning Plan

✓ Lift study review

✓ Regular 3rd party inspection of manufactured products, workshop fabrication, site fabrication and installation by qualified inspectors

✓ Inspection and recommending repair of piping, pipelines, pressure vessels, atmospheric storage tanks, FRP piping and vessels

✓ Onsite assessment of brownfield structures and modifications. Testing, assessing and database set up for asset integrity management.

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