Public Sector

SUSTECH ENGINEERING PTY LTD is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy providing engineering and technical services of the highest professional standard to WA’s key mining-mineral processing, oil & gas, chemical-fertiliser, pipelines, water engineering and building industries with a key emphasis on safety & sustainability.

Our Principals and Associates have extensive experience across oil & gas, power, mining, chemical and water engineering with combined experience of over hundred years in complementary disciplines of Project Engineering. 

SUSTECH ENGINEERING PTY LTD is proud to announce it has expanded its engineering capabilities in local government, water & wastewater industry and related areas. It can now service these areas with in-house experience and skills as well as formed strategic alliance to industry leaders.

We create longer lasting value for time through the knowledge and experienced professional services of our specialists. 

Our team members have worked in different countries and are familiar not only with different cultures, as well as relevant engineering practices codes and standards including Safe work practices, laws of equal opportunity and more importantly respect for women.

We bring in combined local and global knowledge for the benefit of Australian industries as per the local conditions and Australian industry regulations. 

SUSTECH ENGINEERING PTY LTD is committed to respect the traditional owners of the land and well versed with their environment and needs. 

Pen Portrait of Key Personnel 

SOUMEN GUHA [GAICD] – Managing Director

Soumen is the founder and Managing Director of Sustech Engineering. He is a graduate of the Australian institute of Company Directors. He has established Sustech Engineering and a few other subsidiary companies in the field of engineering and information technology. He is a Mechanical Engineer with 25+ years of international experience in Piping, Pipeline, Mechanical Engineering and Project Management in the fields of Oil & Gas, Power, Mining-Metal and Chemical industries across Australia, India, China, Malaysia, US, UK, Europe. He is a deliveryoriented project manager who has successfully managed and delivered 100s of small to medium projects out of most was for Sustech Engineering in last 8 years laying a strong foundation for Sustech Engineering. He is familiar with most contracting options i.e. PMC, EPCM, Lump-Sum Turnkey, Alliance, Risk Reward, Reimbursable, Cost+Fee. He has working experience with various E&Ps, Contractors & Licensors e.g. XOM, Shell, Petronas, Woodside, CoP, and Bechtel. He has special ability of problem solving in challenging and complex work situation. He is an engineer with positive attitude and has natural leadership ability with a bearing of responsibility and integrity. He believes in team effort and knowledge sharing as key to success. He has established track record as independent validator of design and MDRs of pipelines, facilities, process and power piping, tank farms and pressure vessels. He has successfully executed Project management and engineering management.

JYOTI GHOSH – Strategic Local Government Advisor 

Jyoti is a civil engineer with extensive leadership experience with core expertise in successful implementation of diverse civic strategic initiatives. His experiences include management of Infrastructure Capital and Flood Recovery Program, Development of specification, tendering and evaluation, Tender, Design Coordination, Preparation of Infrastructure Asset Management Plans, Stakeholder Management, Drainage studies and Waterway Training works (Retaining Walls), Integrated Transport Planning, Subdivisional Management, Asset Preservation and Insurance Risk Facilitation,  Service Delivery of Infrastructure Maintenance, Waste Management and Street Cleaning Services and Emergency Management / Call – out / Utility Management 

SUSTECH ENGINEERING PTY LTD has developed strategic alliance industry leaders, to gain professional edge and competitive advantage in order to compliment the services we provide. This allows for us to maximise productivity throughout the life cycle complete project without the need to rely on external assistance.  As an added bonus, our values, code of conduct, cultural diversity and ethics are shared with our partners and as such, the end result provided is always of a superlative standard. 
Capability Statement 


  • Technical and code compliance of design and existing installations; 
  • Independent design review 
  • Feasibility, option and project costing study; 
  • Owner’s representative services and other engineering role on secondment; 
  • Support services in the following fields: design, commissioning, construction, reliability engineering, integrity and asset management, sustainability capital projects, value engineering of existing plants. 
  • Independent third party design and MDR validation and review services; 


Management of infrastructure assets; intricacies & complications that arise in doing so is something we at Sustech Engineering are well acquainted with. We consult with local communities to deliver projects to their expectations  Regardless of the size, whether it is a road infrastructure network, SW drains, building; water & wastewater treatment plants – we can conduct feasibility study, project scope, design, tender, construct and commission with our experience. Hence, Sustech has developed essential key techniques and services in order to assist with the organisations.  Our experienced team at Sustech has the tools to help our clients through every stage of asset management regardless of what the need is, whether it be strategic planning to operational needs as we understand the complexity of the task and the importance it holds through the project timeline.   We have the required personnel who are well versed with asset management, that are capable of supporting our clients with a high level of detailed work. 


Sustech Engineering can re-establish and review your Road Management Plan to become a living document through compliance and performance audit. 


Sustech Engineering has extensive experience in developing Wastewater and Waste Management Plans with emerging hydrogen technology consistent with national and state legislation, regulation and policy. 


With several years of industry experience, our team is highly skilled and capable of assisting with project management suited to the project needs. Our procurement, tendering, contract and project management specialist area focuses on providing integrated support that will meet project timeline, budget, risk and quality requirement.


Whether it is the scope of the project or project tenders, our highly experienced team can assist with any and all parts of contract management. We are well versed with industry standards and have been commended on our previous work in regard to project compliance ensuring our client is getting the maximum value. 


  We at Sustech understand that in order to be sustainable over a long period of time, finance management is vital when planning projects. As such, we are able to assist in delivering detailed service planning in order to determine the capability of expenditure in comparison to revenue.   One of the major benefits of this is the ability to maximise on productivity at the available revenue level. This leads to a reliable monitoring and measurement of the quality of service provided as well as a more efficient management of cash flow and its effectiveness. 

We are always interested in adding highly skilled and capable individuals with a drive for growth to our team here at Sustech. Along side the engineering experience, individuals with previous extensive involvement in management duties and LGA’s is something we welcome and are eager to add to our team. 

If you think you can be a good addition to our organisation, we want to hear from you. The specialist skills required are in the area of: 

  1. Project Managers 
  2. Asset Managers 
  3. Civil & Drainage Engineers 
  4. Works Superintendents & Supervisors 
  5. Service Planning professionals 

Our professionals come with extensive local government experience, particularly who are planning a career-move due to ensuing retirement.  Please contact our HR team on  618 61618180  to have a friendly chat. Alternatively, you are welcome to email us at  with some details and one of our team members will get in touch with you. Our alternative email address is