Industry Sectors Catered

  • Gas Gathering
  • Gas Processing
  • Gas Transmission
  • Gas Distribution
  • LNG
  • Upstream Crude Processing
  • Petrochemical Refineries
  • Fuel Storage – Tank Farm
  • Electrolyser based hydrogen generation plant 
  • Wastewater to hydrogen plant 
  • Hydrogen to electricity plant 
  • Hydrogen transportation fuel 
  • Hydrogen fuel in gas distribution network 
  • Hydrogen for green ammonia 
  • Hydrogen for processes 

Sustech does work for two major ammonia producers in Australia. 

Sustech has full knowledge of the ammonia production process, the equipment used, the ammonia export pipeline. Sustech has done many modification and troubleshooting work in this process area. 

The utilities systems for ammonia production, namely steam, sea cooling water, fresh cooling water, desalination, cooling towers, nitrogen, fuel gas, boilers, sulphuric acid, wastewater, compressed air, are all well known. 

Sustech regularly does brown field projects related to these plants. 

Sustech has added great value to its ammonia producing client by conducting process review and debottlenecking with fit for purpose modifications. 

Sustech attends to highly technical problems that these plants face during operations and find troubleshooting solutions which can be implemented online and for the long term. This saves the plant from sudden shutdowns and earns continuous revenue. 

Sustech does structural integrity work, mechanical piping work, FRP piping work, inspection work and prepares SMP workpacks and manages projects for the right execution of these solutions. 

Natural gas is an input for the ammonia making process both as process gas and fuel gas. Sustech provides regulatory gas compliance services as per consumer gas act 1972. 

Sustech also does similar work for ammonium nitrate plants. 

Sustech has been involved with Mercury waste processing troubleshooting consultancy.

Sustech helps Mercury waste processor to engineer a safe optimised process to operate the plant in a fit for purpose manner.

Sustech reviews existing process and attain process safety through studies like and risk assessment studies and new modification designs.

Sustech does all the Mechanical, EC&I designs needed to comply to the Australian Standards and regulations.

Sustech changes PLC programming to accommodate modified process and its operations sequence, shutdowns and automated responses.

Sustech procures equipment and manages installation.

We write operations and maintenance procedures with the changed process.

Sustech has total understanding of the mercury waste processing operations and helps innovate the process further.

Sustech can design and supply new mercury waste processing plants, hydrogen sulphide scrubbing skids for new greenfield projects and fix problems in existing plants and twig process and modify equipment to make it fit for purpose and bring the plant back to optimised production.

Sustech is seeking industry partners who are in the lookout for putting these plants and who are eager to invest in this technology.

  • Open Cycle Power Plant
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Cogeneration Plant
  • Biogas Fired CHP Plant
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Chemical process design 
  • Chemical process optimisation 
  • Chemical process modification 
  • Chemical process debottlenecking and troubleshooting from first principles 
  • Process piping and equipment 
  • Utilities 
  • EC&I 
  • Suitable for hazardous areas 
  • Mine sites – design and technical services
  • Mineral Processing Plant
  • Metal Refineries
  • Steel Plant
  • Utilities
  • Specialised in coordination and project management of aged care facilities and other independent living facilities

An experienced project manager is allocated to assist clients to get necessary department approvals, DA and building permits. Sustech deals with specialist consultants such as town planners, architects, civil, structural, fire, hydraulic, wastewater, mechanical, electrical engineers and building surveyors for certification and timely delivery of projects.