The future of energy is progressing to clean energy, of which Hydrogen is gathering momentum as a sustainable clean energy alternative.

In a move towards a sustainable energy economy, hydrogen with its benefits, helps by reducing pollution, can be produced locally, and when produced from water is a sustainable production system. Besides being used as fuel, in process plants, in many other applications, hydrogen can be used for energy storage for electricity generation in times of need and peaks. Solar and wind energy are intermittent, and the availability may not always match the load requirements. Hydrogen plugs the gap in energy reliability and stability.

However, did you know wastewater, when treated and processed correctly, can be also used to produce hydrogen? Imagine being able to convert wastewater in a 3000-man site camp for your energy needs!

Sustech Engineering has a long-standing expertise in different aspects of the end-to-end solutions for hydrogen production from the onset of wastewater treatment to its storage/usage.Focusing on our mission to create long-lasting value with a focus on safety, sustainability and innovation, hydrogen production from wastewater is one of the reasons why Sustech continues to pave the way in sustainable engineering.

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Did you know that there are many other uses of hydrogen apart from electricity?

Hydrogen can be utilised as fuel in transportation, in processes such as food processing and chemical processing industries and fuel gas when mixed with natural gas.

In the electricity supply field, hydrogen is a clear winner when it comes to quality consistent power requirement like in hospitals, Data centres, laboratories and other places of such importance.

The benefits of using hydrogen as a green energy source include:

1. Reduces pollution 2. Reduces greenhouse gases 3. Renewable energy 4. Long distance haulage 5. Use in green ammonia for fertilisers 6. Use as production of export fuel like liquid hydrogen or liquid ammonia 7. Energy generation in remotest corner of the globe beyond any grid connectivity 8. Reduced mining activity 9. Abundance of raw material for fuel – water 10. Larger pay load in transportation 11. Cheaper electricity than diesel and even grid when used at right times during the day

To find out more about how Sustech Engineering and Associates can enable your business with our long-standing expertise in different aspects of the end-to-end solutions for hydrogen production, contact us at soumen.guha@sustech.net.au

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In our previous post on Hydrogen, we shared that solar and wind energy are intermittent, and the availability may not always match the load requirement. Whilst battery storage can mitigate this problem, but it is only suitable for short term. Hydrogen is the better alternative because: · It is suitable for longer term storage lasting for as big your storage is. · It can be used for storing excess green and grid energy and consumed during the peak demand. · With wider deployment of hydrogen as energy storage, the cost of producing hydrogen is also reducing.

Sustech Engineering and associates have successfully executed several solar projects ranging from 30kW to 2.2MW as well as battery storage projects. All these projects involve advanced controls like Generation Management and Feed-in Management. Handling hydrogen has its own risk, which Sustech handles on a regular basis.

With our in-depth expertise, we can produce hydrogen and energy in a more sustainable method from waste water.

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